Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lessons learned

1. Do not drink two glasses of wine right before bed when the drive you have the next day is longer than you have to sleep
2. Use equipment that you know how to use
3. Plug the DJ laptop into house sound equipment (so that the other equipment can be picked up before 1:00am!)
4. Take a day off
5. Mahler rocks
6. Do more jams next time
7. Edit guitar parts with fingerings before the tour
8. Skip the opportunity to eat greasy Mexican food at 1:00am
9. Next time, bring an extension cord

1. Pack light
2. Learn to wash clothes in other people's bath tubs
3. You can't control the waves but you can learn to surf
4. Following in tango is an elusive art
5. Practice music before recreational activities or it won't happen
6. Eat well (don't forget lots of dried cherries)
7. A written agreement is very helpful
8. Every place is more or less struggling with the same problems
9. Don't leave my stuff in people's showers
10. Its only about the people
11. Putting this tour together was like having a baby, it was easy to conceive, but it took 9 months to put together
12. Camping is the way to go
13. McDonalds, I'm NOT lovin' it
14. Everything is better with olive oil

1. Practice every performance day even if it is only for 5 minutes
2. Tell friends I know in different cities about the tour beforehand
3. Next time spend more time in each place
4. Better to digest thy belly than thy "filet of fish" (McDonalds)
5. The great outdoors are indeed great
6. Tango people are extremely generous
7. People are more similar than they are different. Especially when they share a passion for tango.

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