Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Inspirational Bench

Bench by Morning

Bench by Day

Bench by Night

There is a wonderful bench just outside the cabin that offers views of the sunset, the water, Passage Island, and Tobin Harbor. Here is a poem that one of the rangers Paul handed me as we walked off the boat at the end of our trip. This is about the "old" bench before it was renovated.

The Bench

At the tip of Tobin Harbor
Perched high upon the rock
there's a weathered wooden bench
where artists like to flock
it's part of the Dassler cabin
a palace in this place
this land of Isle Royale
by Superior's ever changing face
the view from there is princely
majestic to say the least
from a little bench so humble
inspirations never cease
you have to be kind of careful
not to sit on some rusty old nail heads
if you sit right in the middle
you'll be comfortable instead
if you open up your senses
nature is everywhere
from a seagull flying by
to mare's tails up in the air
sounds of lapping waves
rushing against the shore
little biting black flies
nip at your feet and more
a part of me would like to fix it
spruce up that old beaten bench
yet, it's perfect just as it is
just like a white bearded old gent
I only worry that someday
someone not thin could fall through
in the mean time I know it'll continue
giving inspiration so true

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