Saturday, July 28, 2007

Foxy Omen

I slept in today--9am
Finally a clear, bright sunny day
Lake talk = "fair"
We worked on composing till 3:00pm
Revised drafts
Andrew finished a flute and guitar version of high tide

We practiced a few hours for our concert

Canoed to Duncan bay portage
the wind in our favor on the way back

Delectable dinner: cabin rice and beans with raw milk cheddar cheese and avocado tomato salad, all slathered in lime juice

We got into an argument on our nightly walk out on Scoville
as the moon rose

Always about music
what it means to us
what it means to other people
how to communicate in public about music

A fox popped out
walking the trail as we were
came right at us
the other direction, toward Rock Harbor

I made a "shooing" motion
Fox sat down, middle of the trail
biting his back legs--so skinny

Andy whispered, "I think he wants to pass"

We stepped off the trail a few feet
He got up
skipped past
down the rocky trail

What were we arguing about?

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