Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Folies - U.S Tango Tour Awards

We've had an amazing journey and we thought it would be fun to recount some of the most memorable with our "Folies" Awards. Roll out the red carpet...

Best Alternative Music: Boulder, CO (thanks Tara and Nick!)

Best Downtown Milonga: St. Paul, MN (thanks Andrea, Elias, Janeen, Florencia, and Bob!)

Best Food and Coffee: Ciao Bella, San Diego, CA (thanks Daniel and Linda!)

Best Milonga View: China Harbor in Seattle, WA (thanks Arturo!)

Biggest Dance: (100+) Tuesday night at The Turnverein, Denver, CO (thanks Ellen, Patricia, and Tango Colorado!)

Biggest Lesson: (48) Wednesday night in Salt Lake City, UT (thanks Barbara!)

Hilarious Host Award: Jenny Debouzek, Albuquerque, NM (thanks for making us laugh so hard!)

Hipp(ie)est Tango: The Tango Center in Eugene, OR (thanks Greg and Liz!)

Inspiration Award: Madison, WI (thanks Jeff, Eilleen, Steve, and Krista!)

Jammiest Tango Jam: Peter's Pub, Pittsburgh, PA (thanks Trini and Sean and all the amazing musicians!)

Maiden Voyage: Above Slims in Northside of Cincinnati, OH (thanks Virginia!)

Most Fun in the Sun: San Diego, CA (thanks Linda, Teresa, Daniel, and Linda!)

Most Unique Tango Venue: Alegria, North Ridgeville, OH (thanks Timmy and Joanne!)

Rock Star Production and Design: Boise, ID (thanks Beth-Animal and Sarah!)

Supreme Social Dancing: Tango Berretin in Portland, OR (thanks Megan, Alex, Joe, Jenna, and Amie!)

"Sweetest" Milonga Venue: Emack and Bolios (famous ice cream shop), Columbus, OH (thank you CATS!)

Wildest Conversation: El Pulpo (ask us about Pulpo's rehashing of Troilo's run-in with the cops)

Thanks again to everyone who made our tour possible!

It was a huge success. We are counting our blessings:
1. No car trouble and no accidents (1 parking ticket though :)
2. Good weather throughout, no rain outs for camping
3. 100% success rate for performances, and good turn outs all around
4. No sicknesses or injuries
5. Nothing got stolen
6. No major equipment problems
8. No major delays
9. We came home with money!!


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Welcome home!! Loved reading about your adventures. We should get together and drink good wine in front of Tess.