Sunday, July 1, 2007

Fourteenth Tango Stop - Madison, WI


We got the idea for our tour last Fall 2006 when we traveled to Madison and Chicago for two weekend performances. Avik, Andrew and I had such a good time playing together at those two places, especially Madison, a place we have performed 8 times now, that we decided that we should plan a longer trip for the this summer. Avik brought the idea up, half jokingly. I ran with it. Nine months later our tour was finally set and ready to give birth to itself. (Hey, kind of like having a baby).

Last night we returned to Madison again, this time at a new downtown venue called The Brink Lounge, an upscale restaurant and bar that is connected to a complex of other restaurants and bars. The dance floor was cozy, actually it was smaller than the stage! (Don't worry we didn't let it go to our heads :)

Thanks Madison tango people for inspiring almost a year ago for our tour!!

It is now the beginning of the end. One performance in Cincinnati to go!

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