Monday, December 1, 2008

Compost, CSA, Raw Milk, and a Vineyard

From 2008-2009 Blog Photos

We had four huge successes this year for our health and for the well being of everyone in the world.

First, I built a compost pile in the backyard! I got angry one day at how much vegetable waste I was putting yet again in the garbage.

So, I walked over to the local ACE Hardware and bought chicken wire. I came home, not really knowing what I was doing as a first time compost pile designer, and made a circular enclosure with the wire. Voila, we have the beginnings of good dirt and a light garbage can.

The other two best things we did for us and the earth this year was to purchase a Community Supported Agriculture share from Goundswell Farm (pictured above, that is us playing for the farm potluck) and a 1/20th of a cow share for raw milk from Lubber's farm. To anyone who has never done a food share these two things don't mean much. But, for us it is just the beginning of understanding more about where our food comes from, who our neighbors are, and how much better food tastes and sustains us that is grown locally.

This year we also planted a vineyard in our backyard! Seval Blanc, a hybrid white wine grape variety that was developed to grow in northern climates. It was a good test of our marriage putting the vines and the trellis in this year!
From 2008-2009 Blog Photos

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