Friday, June 22, 2007

Ninth Tango Stop - Boise, ID


Tango started in Boise (my hometown) about one year ago with thanks to Beth-Anne Osborn who single handedly wielded that tango community together from what she calls tango "poaching" (a term definitely appropriate in Idaho) that refers to going to other dance events, especially ballroom events and unabashedly convincing dancers to try Argentine tango classes.

I think it might it worked. 80 people showed up for the event! and the energy was great!!

Dance on Broadway in Boise
Spoon Rhythm

There we were to tango
Posters with fishnet stockings, candle-sticks, Eminem, a queen size bed, microphones hidden inside black rimmed glasses, and an enthusiastic crowd of pink and green colored wrist band dancers.
Green was for the new-bees, pink was for the enlightened.
Beer, wine, and vodka was served, but no empanada was to be found :(
It was our first time playing together in a week but after a few songs our synchronicity was back.
Marcattos and syncopas right in time
as if two friends were sitting together on a picnic table in Joshua Tree eating a curry stew and as they each finished they set their spoons down at the same time.

So, if you want your music to be tight first try and finish your meals at exactly the same time without plan.

Later on, the bed was moved to center stage and the champagne was un-corked.
Ganchos and boleos flew, some timely, some not.
All as our lady reappeared transformed into a real rock star before we said farewell and good night.


Animal said...

I'm just picturing Napoleon Dynamite doing his little "skit dance" while you play tango music.

It makes me happy.

MoTango said...

I will be in Boise in July and August. Can you tell me who to contact to find Argentine Tango while I am there? tia